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The Lourinhã region, given its specific climate, proximity to the ocean, soil and terrain, has a micro climate which makes it one of the three regions in the entire world (much like Cognac and Armagnac) recognized as specific for the production of superior quality brandy, named after its origin.

Awards & Mentions

7 Gold Medals Wines of Lisbon Contest 2009-2015

17,5/20 - Revista de Vinhos

The best of Portugal – Revista de Vinhos

This is a world-class Brandy XO
Dr. Paul White nominated 3 times as ``World's best drink Writer`` for World media Food Awards



Lisboa/Estremadura until 2009




Brandy XO – DOC Lourinhã




Franc – argillaceous, and Eutric Fluvisol


Tália (Ugni Blanc), Alicante Branco, Malvasia Rei


Traditional vinification without the use of sulfur dioxide, or any other exogenous product, fermentation at the controlled temperature of 65º F (16 ° C) Wines with alcohol content from 8,5 to 9%, total acidity from 11 to 12 g / l TA


During the months of October and November in copper column with 32 plates of 18’’ Destilled neutral with alcoholic content of 72%


More than 10 years in both portuguese and french oak barrels (Allier and Limousin)


Alcohol 39,5%


Topaz brown with golden tones and light green


Dried fuits with honey, vanilla with the wooden aromas perfectly integrated


Complex, with soft tannins and a long and persistant ending


Lying at the constant temperature of 63ºF (17ºC)


Room temperature


Brandy is a natural product, obtained from the distillation of wines and which after a long period of aging in wooden barrels acquires a brown tone with a complexity of aromas and unique flavours.
Quinta do Rol is situated in the heart of the Lourinhã region and is currently the main producer and owner of its own distillery.

The Ugni Blanc, Malvasia Fina and Alicante Branco grapes are cultivated with the purpose of obtaining wines with a low alcohol content, high acidity and low pH.
The wines, meticulously elaborated, are distilled immediately after the alcohol fermentation, preserving all of its organoleptic potential.
Then, the Quinta do Rol Brandy is put into Portuguese oak and French oak barrels (from the Allier and Limousin forests) where it rests for more than 10 years.
It is this combination of wood and different contact periods that allow for this refined and unique brandy.
Topaz coloured with golden and light green tones. It has a complex aroma of dried fruits with honey, orange peel, spices and vanilla with the wooden aromas perfectly integrated.
On the palate it is creamy, pleasant, elegant and classy with a long and persistent ending.

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